Härmän Rati – EN

Härmän Rati’s main building has been transferred to Järvenpää from Pohjanmaa in Western Finland. Built in the 1920s, the log house was previously used as a village school. Now the logs have been given a new lease of life in Järvenpää. Modern restaurant and hostel facilities were constructed around the old logs, respecting the traditional style. The Ostrobothnian building ʻratiʼ fits well in the traditional landscape of Lake Tuusula.

Härmän Rati offers restaurant and banqueting services. On weekdays, we serve lunch between 10:30 am and 3:00 pm and we also provide seasonal á la carte dishes to order. We make all our food by hand from beginning to end, honouring the freshness and genuine flavours of the ingredients. The log walls, which are almost 100 years old, and the traditionally-styled furnishings provide impressive surroundings for many kinds of festivities. The facilities are fully accessible. In the main dining room, buffet dinners can be arranged for about 80 guests and sit-down dinners for about 60. Festive events can be planned and implemented flexibly, taking the customer’s wishes into account.

Härmän Rati provides comfortable accommodation in double rooms. Rati has a lift, and two fully accessible rooms. All guest rooms are en-suite rooms. The atmospheric log walls, the beautiful scenery of Lake Tuusula and the fields of central Uusimaa create a calm and welcoming setting for our guests.